Green Card Progrmme

The Green Card of the Polish Golf Association (PGA) is a document confirming the acquired golf skills, and hence authorising to play at golf courses in entire Poland and take part in tournaments for the beginners. The PGA Green Card is also a pass to join a golf club, which is a member of the Association, and obtain a handicap card for the beginners.

The condition of obtaining a Green Card is passing an examination consisting of a theoretical and practical part.

The preparatory course consists of 10 hours of practical golf playing lessons, including theory, rules history and golf etiquette. This course takes place in the Sierra Golf Club, and the exam lasting for approx. 2 hours is led by a Pro from PGA Poland.

The price of the course is as follows:

1 person – 1200 PLN,

2 persons – 2000 PLN,

3 persons – 2800 PLN.

The PGA fee in the amount of 150 PLN is added to this price, which covers the issuing of the card. The fee is payable in the SGC reception.

The course details are available in the Club House Reception.

Contact + 48 663 666 620 or

Course includes

– Tee
– Fairway
– Green
– Rough, semi-rough, heavy-rough
– Hazards (bunkers, water hazards)
– Casual water
– Course area under maintenance
– Out of bounds

Golf course markings
– Yellow stakes
– Red stakes
– White stakes
– Blue stakes
– Blue-white stakes

Water hazard
– Playing from a water hazard
– 2 options with a penalty strike
– Procedure (determining a point of relief, dropping)
Lateral water hazard
– Playing from a lateral water hazard
– 4 options with a penalty strike
– Procedure (determining a point of relief, dropping)

Lost ball / Out of bounds
– Provisional ball
– Search time
– Procedure (determining the previous strike point, dropping)

Filling in the results chart
– Marking
– Filling in
– Signatures
– Submitting

Ball impossible to play
– 3 options with a penalty strike
– Procedure (marking, determining a relief point, dropping)

Course area under maintenance / Casual water
– Procedure (marking, determining a relief point, dropping)

Rules at the green
– Removing / Tending / Holding a flag
– Marking a ball
– Game order
– Game pace

Game formats
– Strokeplay – counting the result
– Stableford – counting the points
– Matchplay – match result
– Handicap system (gross / net)

Scope of the obligatory etiquette:

Game safety

– Making attempted golf club swings in the direction of other players
– Making golf club swings in the presence of other players
– Making sure that all players are out of range
– FORE! (when to shout and how to react)
– Stones in bunkers
Taking care of the course

– Repairing divots
– Repairing pitchmarks
– Raking bunkers
– Keeping the course clean
– Tending a flag
Game pace
– Preparations at the first tee
– Preparing for the strike
– Positioning the golf bag in the direction of the next tee
– Keeping up with the preceding group
– Letting players, who play faster, pass by
Politeness to others

– Silence when other players strike the ball
– Not commenting other players’ game
– Not giving advice / instructing
– Appropriate language
– Personal manners
Minimum teaching programme:
Strikes from bunkers
Full strikes
The suggested course duration is 10 hours – 5 meetings, 2 hours each, the minimum break is one week between each session, with strong indication of individual training between the lessons.

Examination requirements for the PGA Green Card

Part 1 – Theory
The exam consists of 30 questions (20 – Golf Rules, 10 – Golf Etiquette) and should include the following elements:
Game safety (3 questions)
Taking care of the course (3 questions)
Game pace (2 questions)
Friendliness to other players (2 questions)
Definitions (3 questions)
Course marking (3 questions)
Hazards (5 questions)
Lost ball / Out of bounds (3 questions)
Filling in the result chart (2 questions)
Ball impossible to play (1 question)
Course under maintenance (1 question)
Rules at green (2 questions)
The exam should have the written form, it is expected that the candidate should receive min. 25 out of 30 points.

Part 2 – Practice
The game – depending on the facility, where the exam is conducted, it is required to play at least 3 holes and obtain a double par result or better (e.g. at par 3 holes one should obtain the result of 6 or better) on at least 2 holes. The coach may modify the result, which should be achieved, depending on the conditions, which the exam takes place in (difficulty of the course, atmospheric conditions, game under pressure). .
Strikes from the bunker – 5 strikes, at least two balls have to leave the bunker and fall at green;
Chipping – at least 3 out of 5 strikes in the neighbourhood of the hole (up to 5 m);
Putting– you should putt from 4 different positions and distances, not closer than 5 m from the hole and not further than 20 m. The sum of strikes should not exceed 14.
A candidate has to pass the game and three out of the three tests (strikes from the bunker, chipping, putting) to pass the practical exam.